Indian Consumers show visible growth in purchase of Imported Fruits


Indian Fruits Vs Imported Fruits - what are the consumers buying

Indian Fruits Vs Imported Fruits – what are the consumers buying

The Indian business has continued to challenge the odds, registering sharp growth among foremost hurdles. However, the future for India’s fruit business looks very bright due to increasing aspirations of Indian consumers driving demand for high-value imported fruits.

It’s true that the Indian consumer is relatively sensitive towards the price but with the consumers growing health consciousness, the buyer’s capability is increasing. The demand for fruit and vegetables in India just started to intensify gradually. As more and more Indian consumers include rare and exotic fruits in their diet, the exotic fruit industry is growing at a healthy 15-20% per annum. The increasing popularity of fruits such as Sharon from Spain and horned melon and avocados from New Zealand mean that importers are making more investments in infrastructure.

Also, It’s just not the urban / metro consumers who are purchasing imported fruits in great demand , even consumers from small places like Raipur, Nagpur are including more exotic produce in their diet, including high-quality avocado which cost Rs 400/piece. Kiwis have also become most popular in recent years, especially due to the belief that it helps patients from the disease like dengue recover faster. Apart from kiwis, dragon fruits, avocados etc. which have become fairly well known, importers are also trying to get newer fruits to the country.


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