30 Not Out!!!!

India is aspiring to join the league of developed countries but we Indians are stuck on the right age to marry….really!!!

India is aspiring to join the league of developed countries but we Indians are stuck on the right age to marry….really!!!

Well well don’t dare to think looking at the heading that this is going to be about cricket…not at all!!

Yes, I know India and Indians are passionate about cricket but there is something which they are more passionate about and that is “MARRIAGE at the right age” no one knows who decided this “right age” but there is a threshold yes, and mind it my friends there is an expiry date as well to your marriageable age….

India is aspiring to join the league of developed countries but we Indians are stuck on the right age to marry….really!!!

So what is this right age- umm it’s between something 21 to 28; 29 being the final threshold and beyond that with every passing year the chances reduce and you finally reach an expiry date!!!

Since we need to meet the target of right age= marriage, hence Marriage has nothing to do with your heart, your mind, your desires and your emotions in fact it has nothing to do with the right person as well, the only one criteria it has to do with is the right age, and within that right age even if you get an dumb-ass please tie knots else this dumb-ass will throw tantrum once your expiry date comes near and will not be available for you once you attain the expiry date.

At a point in life you feel signing a 100cr. Business deal is easy than cracking this marriage thing. And you are made to feel like a looser at each step.

If your peer, friend, or a sibling of almost your age gets married and you are still single the whole world crashes on your shoulders and if the person is younger and is married the “Hell will break open on you” you are made to feel a useless crippled creature on mother earth whose existence is null because you could not attract a spouse for yourself…OMG isn’t it.

Well you may have achieved laurels in your life, in your career, you may have best of friends who can die for you but WHO CARES? You don’t have a spouse so end of story is YOU ARE A FAILURE! Yah another point which I forgot- all these achievements you flaunt are actually your frustration of being single…and trust me that is exactly what the Indian society thinks about people who are 30 Not Out!!!

In case you manage to swim through your 30 to an additional one or two years, you are looked down with so much of pity and apathy that you might start feeling that having some fatal disease would have been still better than not having a spouse… J and on top of that if you look happily single then man there has to be some serious technical problem in you and 110% chances are that you have no interest in the opposite sex and probably that’s the reason you are single and happy too!!!!

Our Indian society is wonderful and its people are indeed beautiful but they are not grown up to really appreciate the fact that-people can be single beyond 30 and still be happy!!! They truly fail to understand that happiness is not dependant and that happiness is a state of mind, it is an attitude, it is a choice one makes.

This change in thought process is required in our society, no offence to all those who are married before 30, but marriage is a very personal affair that should only be decided by 2 people who decide to walk together and not the society and its people.

To my beautiful Indian society and its wonderful people, please note there are many critical social causes which need your immediate attention please focus on them and bring in that real change in India which is much needed than “marrying at the right age” isn’t is??? Let’s delve a little deeper and bring in that much needed change!!!!!


Direct Dil Se!!!


Author: Nandini Acharya 

Follow her –@NandiniAcharya6



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