Aetna International launches vHealth by Aetna mobile application to cater to the primary healthcare in India

Aetna International, one of the world’s largest health benefits businesses, launched ‘vHealth by Aetna’ app in India as part of the first phase of the global launch of the Digital Primary Healthcare service ‘vHealth by Aetna’.

Available on iOS and Android platforms, ‘vHealth by Aetna’ app can be used for primary healthcare consultations where one can communicate with in-house primary doctors by audio/video call. The doctors can prescribe, refer to specialists and advise on medical concerns. Not only does this innovative service provide comprehensive, accessible primary health care, it also reduce the need for hospital visits and allow members to manage their own health and keep all their health care records in one place.

The doctors on panel for ‘vHealth by Aetna’ app are trained as per Swiss quality standards and certified for practicing teleconsultation. These doctors are also guided by evidence-based clinical protocol built with over 15 years of clinical expertise that is proven to reduce the physical consults by 47% in Switzerland. The protocol enables vHealth doctors to elicit points which are relevant to patients’ health problem. This information along with medical history, reports, photographs of affected areas and tele-status allows the doctors to achieve accuracy in diagnosis which serves as the background for the treatment.

The app also gives users benefit of quality time with doctors. Once the nature of a disease is identified, the patient is given a fair understanding about his medical problem and outcome of the treatment to allay the anxiety. Proper medical prescription followed by a care plan including recommendation on general precautions, lifestyle modifications and diet serves as a comprehensive treatment along with details of medication, diagnostic tests (if required). To ensure that the treatment is helping the patient, doctors at vHealth do a proactive follow-up with patients at regular intervals to check the patient’s current status and suggest any corrective measures if required.

The vHealth mobile app also offers patients an option to rate their doctors immediately which enables auditing of each doctor in order to ensure the highest quality care. The annual subscription of ‘vHealth by Aetna’ app is Rs. 2400 for a family of four.

Now, any medical decision/concern in your family, whether it’s a chronic disease management for your parents, guidance/opinion on their ongoing treatment or diet, nutrition or behavior related challenges with kids or stress management, preventive health, gynecological problems, lactation related challenges in middle-aged people or minor health issues like fever, flu, cold, cough, lower back pain etc., vHealth can potentially become your first point of contact to get appropriate treatment/guidance/motivation.

The vHealth by Aetna mobile application functioning can be accessed at-


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