On International Yoga Day, 84% Indians feel Yoga should be a part of school curriculum, reveals the poll by InShorts & IPSOS

On International Yoga Day, a new poll by Inshorts (India’s highest rated news app and Ipsos (a global market research company) reveals that 84% would like to see Yoga as part of the School Curriculum

On the occasion of the International Yoga Day that was incepted by PM Narendra Modi in 2015 and is held annually ever since on 21 June, InShorts, India’s highest-rated News App organized a poll to decipher the awareness and perception of Yoga amongst Indians. The poll was conducted in association with Ipsos, the global market and opinion research specialist. A whopping 1,00,752 unique users participated in the poll via InShorts mobile app, revealing a total of 4,74,649 responses.

Commenting on the Poll, Mr Azhar Iqubal, CEO and Co-founder, InShorts, said “Ahead of the International Yoga Day, we decided to get up, close and personal with Indians and understand what they really felt about Yoga. Interestingly, majority of Indians surveyed in the poll believe Yoga to be beneficial in improving concentration and leading a healthier lifestyle.

“Since corporate executives are constrained for time due to long working hours and daily commute, Yoga sessions will provide much reprieve and holistic healing,” said Parijat Chakraborty, executive director Ipsos PA.

While some schools already do provide Yoga as a part of the school curriculum, our poll showed 85% Indians exhorting yoga being made compulsory in schools.


So, what is the key benefit of Yoga?


Interestingly, views were divided in our poll on goodness of Yoga: 43% Indians said it Improves Concentration; 32% credited Yoga for Boosting Immunity; 7% ascribed Losing Weight as the key benefit of Yoga while 18% were undecided.  


75% in the favour of today’s companies organizing Yoga Sessions for their employees

The popular opinion clearly warrants the companies of today to organize Yoga sessions for their employees. In addition, 12% of the respondents felt the companies could ‘sometimes’ hold such sessions for the employees; although, 13% didn’t quite share the same opinion and voted against companies organizing Yoga sessions for their employees.

84% would like to see Yoga as part of the School Curriculum

Clearly the voice of the nation appears the most unified in having Yoga included in the school curriculum. However, while 10% voted in their disagreement, 6% opted for ‘can’t say’ instead.

“Indians are quite positive on the benefits of Yoga. Concentration is a rare commodity in today’s constant hustle bustle; immunity is on perpetually declining path, thanks to rapid change of lifestyle. Yoga seems to be the panacea,” added Chakraborty.



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